Give your stress wings

And let it fly away

to places where your soul finds peace

And unwind and wander astray


Just walk into the lounge room , Rebottled, to unwind after a long drive up or just for picking a book to read by the window. Our guests could also find some board games stacked away in corner to  spend some fun times with their friends and family. Its easy to catch a view of a Thrush or magpie through the windows of Rebottled


A gentle breeze carrying whiffs of  mountain flowers, or a floating cottony  cloud in the azure sky. A thunderstorm gathering momentum in the distant hinterland or the deep blue star studded  sky. The twinkling lights on the ridge with the Indian flag flying high or the birds twittering in the dense oak foliage - The SUN DECK offers  you, your very own front row seats to all of the above and more. You could step out for a meal under the blue sky or order for your hot tea or coffee in the crisp evening air. Adjoining the Purple Peppers, allows you to eat virtually all your meals outdoors, weather permitting.

Oh wind, blow me where...

....where the butterflies flutter free

And the amethyst skies of dusk

blend into the depth of obscurity


Oh! the blue blue sky 

creates a myriad of emotions

of a blue jay flitting by

a rainbows colour explosion

The  Cyan of the distant hills

covered with grey blue clouds

All shades of blue in nature

Are calling out aloud

Inspired by “ This blue dot” by Barenaked Ladies, we decided to celebrate this color and offer it to our travellers as a snug little area , tucked up in the attics of the north side and south side named TURQUOISE and CYAN. Blue embodies a feeling of tranquility, strength, and a sense of inner calm . Blue also tends to slow metabolism . An ideal place to sit and chat with friends and family or unwind after a wholesome meal or just gaze out at the snow flakes passing your window on a wintery day. Set outside Iris and Rose which are the attic rooms , its easy to catch a glimpse of the setting sun from here.


Food for thought

And food for the soul

when served with love

filled in every bowl

It teases your senses

In sight smell and taste

something for every traveller

for them to relate