Updated: Jun 11, 2019

The onset of a journey

Pertains to some design

…….Some not

Theres many a forked pathways

 some  of canny choices

……..Some with forethought

There’s no rulebook to travel

No theorem to adventure

The voyage will yet enrich you

Even if you falter

The beauty of the uncertain

And nothing to foretell

Where the journey is more sublime 

Than the destination itself

Since the inception of Groombridge there was perceptible  clarity on the rooms, their names and their feel. Nature, around us, connects with our senses in diverse ways but flowers always incite a positive zen . We thus decided to render our rooms, with a nomenclature from the surrounding flora. 

A traipse around the property gave us names like ARUM, FUCHSIA, GERANIUM, HYDRANGEA, IRIS, RHODODENDRON, POPPY and ROSE. PRIMULA ( I don’t know why, but the name gave me a feel of  an elf) was found growing a little farther. Funnily enough,I had these weird personifications for each flower-where  ARUM was bold  and  FUCHSIA was frivolous. HYDRANGEA was charming and GERANIUM had attitude. IRIS was elegant, POPPY was dainty, RHODODENDRON was old fashioned and ROSE…. Well ROSE was just ROSE- always a sweetheart!!

As you drive into Shimla, on one of the upward bends, stand these two beautiful statuesque MAGNOLIA trees, laden with those waxy, albaster flowers. Forever enamoured by their beauty and so hung up was I on the flower, that we made innumerable attempts to plant a MAGNOLIA tree -in our compound, in the adjoining forest, in a pot, on the other side of the house, in the front lawn and what not!!!! But this gang of pesky monkeys- mind readers that they were, destroyed any and every attempt of ours.

Well… the best I could do was to name one of our prettiest rooms as MAGNOLIA….and so began an intriguing journey on the making of GROOMBRIDGE- as it stands today. 

 I haven’t given up on my dream for a Magnolia tree on the property. I am sure that- We shall overcome,…… someday.

Undoubtedly the journey has been more sublime than the destination itself… but then I yet have

........Miles to go , before I sleep

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