Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Being from a forces background, we were highly privileged to have grown up virtually all over the countryside. A large part of my childhood was spent travelling to the hills – be it the Western Ghats, Nilgiris, Eastern Himalayas or Western Himalayas . Each range and area had its own geomorphological aura, and variance in flora and fauna. What probably was the binding factor was that the hills were always larger than life and always brought a thrill to my life and mood.

My first visit to Shimla was as a school kid , when the town ( I call it a town as it never had the feel of a city) had not been decimated by the rampant growth of ugly concrete structures. It had the old world charm of the British Raj, where the Gaiety Theatre used to have plays and May Queen balls , for a restricted few.

Our walks around the town , were more to just eat a softy ice cream or have Chinese food at the famous “ Aunty’s” dhaba, or maybe a Gulabjamun at Baljees. It was on one of our treks, that we came across a lazily winding forest engulfed road leading to Longwood.

Longwood yet retains that charm by way of the old British homes spattered on the hill road. Though there is a scattered mushrooming of some new houses, it has yet maintained its sanctity being a part of the Reserve Forest , which also nestles Groombridge in its heart.

Groombridge , the heritage property is over a hundred years old and still stands as it was originally constructed. The extension was designed taking the architectural aesthetics of the hills into purview, with a few modern implementations. The interiors have been thoughtfully crafted and personally curated to maintain exclusivity and render an experience which we would love for our travellers to have. Its truly been a labour of love and passion- for what we got and what we could give back – to the hills.

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